Schools catering: Outsourcing the best to learners.

Balancing the books when it comes to feeding its learners is increasingly difficult for schools with food and nutrition standards getting higher than ever and schools having to work much harder to save money while still providing the right nourishment to its faculty and students.  

Providing schools with the best nourishment, cost-effectively, can be challenging for learning institutions. However, school catering can provide all the nutrition needs of learners while also relieving the pressure on schools to save on costs without compromising on standards. 

How does school catering generally work?

Schools catering provide learning institutions with two options: 

  • Fresh food is prepared and cooked off-site and delivered daily to schools.
  • Fresh food is prepared and cooked on-site in a school’s kitchen by school catering professionals.

The main benefits provided by schools catering to learning institutions

1. School catering can maximize school revenues and control costs.

Learning institutions can benefit from the school catering’s closely followed economies of scale to give schools the best price for their service which brings a monthly budgeting certainty on agreed amounts for the catering service to cap overspending by schools.

2. School catering can provide specialist support on all nutritional needs.

Using their expert knowledge, school catering can learning institutions understand the impact of meeting the required nutritional standards for learners to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

3. Schools no longer have to worry about responsibilities.

Staffing responsibilities can be passed on to a school’s catering provider if on-site catering facilities are chosen by schools. School catering can take care of all the staff management responsibilities of schools by using their workforce. 

Additionally, school catering can ensure that all food regulations are complied with, including health and safety codes, allergen information, and food labeling to save schools from the time and stress of managing their school food program.

What school catering can bring to a learning institution?

School catering ensures that all learners can enjoy nutritious and tasty school meals every day. School catering ensures that learners are well-fed and enjoying their meals, making them more eager to learn. 

What schools catering offers.

School catering provides all learning institutions with freshly cooked and locally sourced school meals that are nutritionally balanced and healthy without compromising on taste or presentation. 

  • School catering can provide learners who have specific nutritional needs with ingenuity.
  • Schools catering follows always adhere to a stringent and diligent approach to managing and following school budgets, and health and safety standards.
  • School catering can provide learning institutions with solutions to maximize cost-saving opportunities.
  • School catering ensures that meals are prepared fresh daily and that they meet health and safety standards.
  • School catering works in close partnership with schools to create outstanding daily menus together. 
  • Experience and expertise in contract catering for schools.

School catering is always a better option than in-school cafeterias

1. School catering supports the local economy

School catering invests in the community by ensuring that only locally sourced ingredients are used in their meals.

2. School catering makes school meals more cost-effective

Using local providers to make school meals is more cost-effective than having in-school cafeterias because they ensure that savings in lower overhead costs are passed on to schools compared to schools that maintain multiple kitchens and staff which is inefficient. School catering ensures that schools are provided with a centralized kitchen that is more economical due to having fewer utility and labor costs involved.

3. School catering ensures improved customer support

School catering makes managing school meal programs less of a headache for schools since they are more likely to be responsive to customer concerns and complaints. School cateringis more likely to be familiar with the specific needs of schools and their students when it comes to good nutrition.

4. School catering ensures schools get only the freshest, naturally-grown ingredients and healthier meals every day

School catering offers a wider variety of healthy meal options to schools that are more specific to their region. With schools catering, learners are more likely to find fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms served to them, and even fresh seafood that was caught that morning. School catering ensures that schools have access to healthier meals made from fresh ingredients, every day.

5. School catering provides schools with more flexibility and customization in their daily menus

‍School catering ensures more flexibility and customization in daily meals, whether it is to accommodate students with allergies or provide kosher meals. School catering is better equipped to handle these specific dietary requests since they are not bound by having only limited daily meal options for students. Schools catering also often offer more menu options which allows schools to mix and match different items on daily menus to create a well-rounded meal that meets the needs of all its students.

6. School catering is more environmentally friendly

‍Opting for the services of school catering has environmental benefits since all its food ingredients are sourced locally, which means that it does not have to travel as far to get to its destination so there is less of a carbon footprint involved.

In addition, the locally sourced ingredients that school catering use is often grown using more sustainable, and organic, practices with basically no or few pesticides used. School catering has the best chefs, and food ingredients, to provide learning institutions with mouth-watering, home-style meals every day.

Ease of meal planning

Schools no longer have to worry about logistics and meal planning when they hire a professional school catering service. 

The school’s catering service will take care of everything from finding the best and healthiest food ingredients to hiring staff to ensure students’ dietary needs, and restrictions, are met. With school catering, learning institutions no longer have to worry about food costs because they already know how much each meal will cost and will always keep an eye out for any changes in market prices throughout their planning process to ensure that schools always meet their target budgets.

Daily professional dietary planning and stress-free service.

The school catering service strives to provide schools with a flawless and healthy daily meal menu and to provide learners with great meal options to ensure that nobody goes starving due to specific dietary restrictions.

The professional school catering service is used to cater to large groups and know what is required so schools no longer have to worry about food or service quality daily. The school’s catering wants to make sure all students are well-fed and taken care of by providing a variety of menus and dishes to choose from that will suit everyone’s tastes and dietary needs.

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