Metals Commonly Used For Metal Business Cards

When looking for metal business cards, you have several options such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, and gold. Stainless steel is strong, looks modern, and you can engrave on it.

Copper is good because it’s strong, can do many things, and doesn’t rust. Brass is special because it looks classic and you can make detailed engravings on it.

Aluminum is both modern in appearance and light but strong. Titanium is also light and strong, and you can customize it with laser engraving.

Choosing gold makes your cards look fancy and they last long. The type of metal you pick will really make an impression on how people see you professionally.

Stainless Steel

Choosing stainless steel for your Metal Kards is a smart move. This metal isn’t only strong and can last a long time but also looks very sleek and modern. You can customize these cards with your own design or details through engraving, which is quite easy to do on stainless steel. The brushed finish gives these cards a very professional and sophisticated look, which can really impress your clients or business partners.

With stainless steel cards, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged easily. This means your contact details will stay in good shape for a long time, keeping your brand image sharp. Whether your style is simple or you like more complex designs, adding custom engraving to brushed stainless steel will make your business cards stand out. This can give you an edge over others in the market.


Copper is a very good choice for metal business cards because it lasts a long time. This means your business cards can handle being used every day.

With copper, you have many design options. You can go for very detailed designs or keep it simple and still make your business cards look unique.

Think about how copper can make your business cards both look good and last long.

Durability of Copper

Copper is a great choice for making durable metal business cards because it doesn’t rust easily. Here are some important things to remember when you think about using copper for your business cards:

Design Options for Copper

To make your metal business cards with copper stand out, think about trying different designs for a unique and professional look. One idea is to use a patina finish, which gives the cards an elegant and older look that makes them different.

This finish makes your copper cards look special and attractive. Try out special designs that show how versatile copper is, so you can make cards that people will remember. Use engraving to put in detailed designs and textures, making your cards look better.

You can also engrave custom logos on the copper, which adds a personal touch to each card. By looking into these design ideas, you can make copper business cards that catch the eye and are memorable.


Brass is a great choice for metal business cards because it looks sophisticated and timeless. This mix of copper and zinc isn’t just nice to look at, but it’s also strong and flexible.

If you’re thinking about using brass for your business cards, here’s what you should keep in mind:

Brass is an excellent option if you’re looking for business cards that are beautiful, customizable, and durable.


When you think about metal business cards, aluminum is a great option because it looks modern and sleek. These cards aren’t heavy but very strong, which is perfect for giving out at business events or meetings with clients. You can choose from different finishes for aluminum, like brushed or anodized, so you can make a card that really shows off what your brand is about.

A big plus of using aluminum for your business cards is that you can do some cool engraving on them. Methods like laser engraving and chemical etching let you put in detailed designs and make your cards stand out. These ways of adding details not only make your cards look more classy but also make sure people remember them.

You can go simple with a matte finish or make it eye-catching with colorful anodization. Aluminum business cards are all about giving you choices to make something special. Aluminum, with its modern look and many options for making it your own, is a fantastic choice if you want business cards that really make an impact.


Titanium is becoming very popular for metal business cards because it’s strong and light. People like it for its modern look. Here are some things to think about with Titanium business cards:

With Titanium business cards, you get something that’s not only tough but also looks great. You have many options to make something unique that can really represent your brand well.

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