How To Draw Tiger Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids is a fun exercise for kids to develop their creativity is drawing tigers. Such activities can be used by parents, teachers, and students to make studying enjoyable and interesting. It is among the most effective methods for educating children about lions. These coloring and drawing exercises will help kids develop their creative thinking and aesthetic abilities. Kids will experience more growth if they practice these tasks from an early age.

Tiger Drawing Tutorial

Drawing For Kids can learn new concepts very effectively by drawing and coloring. They enjoy engaging in such pursuits because they learn new things. Parents and instructors can make the learning process for the children simpler by engaging them in activities like painting, cartoon character drawing, and game character drawing. The kids’ simple tiger drawing will aid in their understanding of tigers and other wild creatures.

They can learn more about their colors, forms, eating preferences, etc. Using tigers in children’s drawings will encourage them to experiment with more hues and teach them how to sketch with crayons, colored pencils, paintbrushes, etc. They can also acquire a fundamental understanding of the various categories of wild creatures.

Let’s find out how to sketch a tiger for children.

Children will appreciate creating their paper tigers by following the six simple steps. A downloadable edition of this tutorial on drawing tigers is also provided.

Ideal for homeschoolers and art educators who want to show youngsters how to draw tigers.

Enjoy drawing a vibrant tiger for toddlers, and don’t forget to include some interesting details. Remember to use the complimentary PDF guide as well.


  • Pencil.
  • Drawing crayons or colored pencils for paper.
  • White Marker (optional)

We’ll learn how to make a tiger drawing for kids on paper in today’s guided session. Each stage of the lesson will emphasize the size of each part. The present parts drawn in each step are indicated by the blue lines drawn.

Needed time: 20 minutes

Step By Step Drawing


  • Shape Your Head
  • To begin, sketch a rounded, furry form for the Tiger’s head. Draw two oval-shaped shapes for the pupils next. Next, make a circular nose shape. Add two circles to the sides of the snout, one on each side. The floor of its mouth should then be formed by a line that curves upward.


  • Glue The Ears On.
  • Draw two rounded shapes with diagonal lines on top of the Tiger’s skull.
  • Include the body and tail.


  • Draw the Tiger’s body in an extended, curved form. The Tiger’s body should have a thin, wavy S-shape connected to it.
  • Draw The Legs.


  • Now, make the shape of the Tiger’s legs attached to the bottom of its body similar to the illustration.
  • Sketch tiger stripes.
  • First, mark the Tiger’s cheekbones with a horizontal line. The Tiger’s body will now be covered in a pattern of thin, pointed forms. This gives the impression that your Tiger has striped fur in your illustration.


  • Draw the Tiger in its entirety.
  • Let’s apply color to finish the tiger drawing! The snout should first be shaded with a pink crayon. With a cream-colored crayon, draw in the bottom of its visage, the insides of its ears, its belly, and the bottoms of its paws. The tTiger’sstripes should then be drawn with a dark brown pencil. Then use an orange crayon to color the remainder of the tTiger’storso.

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