How to Decorate a Home with Flowers on the Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated with beauty and meaning. What better way to honor the love you share than with flowers, the symbolic blooms of romance, devotion, and timelessness? Whether you have been together for 1 year or 50, filling your space with floral decor that reflects the love you feel for one another creates a stunning backdrop for your anniversary festivities.

This guide provides ideas for creative ways to decorate with flowers for your wedding anniversary. Once you’ve found your inspiration, you can later order your flowers from Flower shops near Chicago.

Choose your flowers wisely

When celebrating a wedding anniversary with flowers, you want to choose blooms that represent love, devotion, and timelessness. Some of the perfect options include:


Roses are a traditional wedding flower and symbol of love. Red roses in particular are the perfect way to say “I love you” on an anniversary.


Tulips come in bright colors and shades that represent perfect love. They last longer than roses and look gorgeous in a bouquet or vase.


Exotic orchids are a unique flower choice and signify rarity, beauty, and strength. They are anniversary flowers that will create a stunning focal point.


Lilies have a lovely fragrance and large blooms that fill a space with floral cheer. Their trumpeting blooms represent purity, virtue, and motherly love.


Irises come in shades of blue, purple, yellow, and white. They are a royal flower that represents faith, trust, and hope—all things that bind partners together. If you are a bike lover then I suggest this dirt bike for adults blog and follow for the latest articles.

Create an authentic bouquet

For an anniversary, create a bouquet in shades of pink, red, and white. A mix of roses, tulips, irises, and orchids would make a stunning, meaningful bouquet. You can also do pastel shades with peach roses, blush pink tulips, white irises, and green foliage.

Don’t forget the greenery! Adding greenery like eucalyptus, succulents, ivy or ferns brings the bouquet together and lasts longer.

Include a special card

Write your loved one a heartfelt love letter or poem to include with the flowers you order from Evanston florist. Share memories from your years together and why they are the love of your life.

Arrange flowers throughout the home

After the bouquet, fill your home with floral arrangements to celebrate your love.

  • Place vases of flowers on tabletops, counters, mantels, and sideboards.
  • Do a floor arrangement or table centerpiece with flowers, greenery, and candles.
  • Hang floral mobiles or garlands from ceilings or doorways.
  • Spell out “I love you” or your anniversary date with flower petals.
  • Include small potted plants, herbs, or air plants for lasting floral decor.

Floral centerpieces for every space

Floral centerpieces are memorable and photo-worthy, so be sure to capture images throughout your celebration. Before you order Anniversary flowers in Evanston IL here are some ideas for all your home spaces:

Living room

A large floor arrangement or pedestal in shades of pink, red, and cream would be stunning for a living room celebration. You can include an assortment of roses, tulips, orchids, and foliage.

Dining room

For a dining table, do a focal cascade table runner with roses, greenery, and crystal accents. Or a high pedestal arrangement with roses, orchids, berries, and candles.


On a kitchen island, do a lush tropical arrangement with anthuriums, bird of paradise flowers, mokara orchids, and green foliage. Spill over the sides of the island tabletop.


In an entryway, place a trio of low pedestals with pink roses, olive trees, camellias, and eucalyptus. Create a glamorous floral welcome mat for your anniversary party guests.

Den or home office

For a more casual space, simple bud vases, small potted plants, or glass cylinders filled with tulips, pincushion cacti, air plants, and berries. Create a mini floral forest on tables, desks, shelves, and the sofa table.

Patio or deck

Outdoor spaces are perfect for lush, romantic floral arrangements. Pedestal rose domes, tulip-topped ledges, or Zanzibar gem orchid tumblers with trailing greenery of ivy or ferns. You can include candlelight for a whimsical glow.


Line a staircase banister or steps with potted roses, cupid statues holding floral bouquets, or books stacked and interspersed with floral volumes of photographs or botanical illustrations.

To bring all the floral magic and romance of these recommendations to life for your wedding anniversary, place your order with Prestons Florist. We are dedicated to providing only the freshest, highest-quality flowers and floral arrangements to make each special occasion glow with love and beauty. Order your Evanston florist delivery today! Read also!

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