Upgrade Your Home’s Look with Stylish Light Switch Cover Plates

Most people overlook the light switches while designing the interior of their homes. Pasty colour, cheap and plastic look of light switches can come across as a sore thumb in your beautiful house. So why not upgrade to stylish powerpoints and light switch covers to ensure modern house interior decoration?

In this article, we have thoroughly discussed the different types of light switch cover plates that can increase the appeal of your house tenfold.

Types of Light Switch Cover Plates to Enhance the Look of Your Home

Installing a switch cover on your switchboards can enhance the look of your house with minimal effort. These may look like very small details, but putting in extra effort will make your home more aesthetic than ever. Here are the top 6 designs:

  • Metallic Light Switch Cover Plates

These switch covers provide a classic and vintage look. You can easily locate brass-plated switch covers in online stores. Metallic cover plates are a safe option. Choose the material and colour of the plates according to the room’s colour to increase the room’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Black Switch Covers

Black is a colour that goes with any background. Especially if you contrast the black switch covers with white walls. Blacklight cover plates are minimalistic yet have a punchy and graphic look. If you want a plain and simple look for your interior, these can be a great addition to your home.

  • Paint or Wallpaper-Matching Light Switch Cover Plates

This is the most common and traditional look everyone avails when choosing a light switch cover. To achieve the look, simply cover the switch plates with wallpaper or paint. Let it dry and then screw the cover plates on the wall.

  • Plastic 3D Printed Covers

These covers are printed in PLA plastic, a sustainable, biodegradable, and plant-based product. 3D-printed covers can be a great addition to your child’s room. Most Australian switch cover producers customise according to the client’s needs. Choose your favourite game or tv show theme and ask the manufacturer to create a design.

  • Invisible Switch Covers

The light switch cover plates use 3mm transparent acrylic plates to give a clear look to the switch cover. These attachments are pasted with glues, and no screws or bolts are used. Thus, these switch covers need careful consideration while installing. Only expert technicians can install such switch covers.

  • Glossy Switch Covers

These types of switch cover plates provide a variety of textures and subtlety to the room. If you have a room painted eggshell white, Glossy Switch Covers can be used to vary the appearance from the finish of the paint. Include dimmable led downlights with these covers to lend an affluent feel to your house’s appearance.

Now that you have an extensive idea of how to upgrade the look of your house with stylish switch covers. Keep these factors in mind while choosing the perfect switch covers.

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