Tips by Singapore school teachers for parents to get the best out of their preschool children

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Have you ever noticed that your child behaves differently at home but behaves very well at their preschool where they act like a little responsible child?

Why is that so?

The simple reason is your child tests the limits with you, they trust you and they know that no matter what happens, you will still love them and provide the care and pampering they need.

But at the Best Preschool in Singapore, they have the fear of teachers so they follow the rules and seeing other kids at preschool they also get influenced to do better.

Here are some strategies by teachers in the best pre schools in Singapore for all the parents to get the best from their children.

Promote Independence

While your child may still need plenty of parental help, preschool experts know that they can do much more than many of us think. So preschool teachers suggest parents encourage their children to do things. Let them try new things and learn on their own. Do make sure that they are safe and give them a chance to explore.

Expect more from your Kids

Parents should assign their child tasks in order to make them self sufficient. It does not mean that they should not be pampered but within limits so that you can prepare them in the right way.

Singapore School teachers ask kids to do simple things like pouring water for themselves, eating their snacks on their own, following hygiene, clearing plates, taking care of their belongings, etc. Slowly raise their bar and you will notice your child stretching their limits to meet it. 

Resist doing things for them

Teach them first and then later ask them to do it on their own, resist doing it for them.

Yes, it needs a lot of patience so see your child doing things and it may urge you to do things for them as it might be quicker but avoid that. In order to make them self sufficient and responsible, you have to allow them to do things. Yes, give them enough time and they will learn. You can try all these experiments when you aren’t running late.

Don’t redo things

If your child has done something which you have assigned, the first thing you have to do is compliment them for their work as it will motivate them and encourage them to do more such things.

The motto here is to encourage them to do things and not to discourage them by redoing things which they have done. You can teach them later on how to improve it, step by step. No one becomes a master on the first day, so teach them things slowly. 

Let them solve 

If you see your child trying to assemble a toy or trying to solve some puzzle, or getting something from the shelf (make sure they are safe) do not help them, instead, you can watch them from a distance and intervene only when it’s absolutely necessary. 

These little moments are the character-building moments where they learn and get the experience of success after many failures. It prepares them for future challenges, where they learn to keep trying till success is achieved.

Assign them the daily routine task

Singapore international school teachers believe putting preschoolers in charge of a regular, simple task will make them progress in that task slowly and they will be able to take the responsibility of getting it done on their own. It will build their confidence and sense of competency. 

For eg:- You can ask them to water plants and provide them with all the things or ask them to put the toys in the basket after playing. The goal is to make them feel that they are capable of doing things and help them become contributing members of the family.

Praise is key

When you find your child is not cooperating, praising is the tactical thing that will remind them how obedient and good a child they are. Remind them of the few incidents where they did things in a good manner as it will help them to get in that good mood and will repeat behaviours in order to get your attention. So always praise their work and the things they do.

If your child refuses or throws tantrums to do things, turn that into a game which will make it interesting.

Put them into the habit

Kids cooperate in Best Preschool in Singapore because they know what’s expected from them. They get into the habit of doing things and know what exactly they need to do because they follow the same routine every day. Therefore they quickly learn things in a preschool set up. Hence, parents are supposed to put them in a daily habit of doing things which will make them do things automatically without being reminded.

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Prior notice is essential

Children do things at their speed and depending on their mood, so it’s the parent’s job to give them enough time to do things in order to help them switch into that mood.

For eg:- Notify them that it is 8.30 pm at present and when the clock strikes 9 pm they will have to go to sleep. It will give them enough time to adjust to the transition and they will be more ready as to what to expect. 

Preschool teachers alert children about the transitions so that they have time to finish whatever they’re doing and it also helps them switch to different moods.


These strategies of Best Preschool Singapore will be a sure shot hit and will help a lot of parents who want to put their children into the habit of doing things on their own from a young age, making them responsible, independent and confident individuals. 


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