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The Best Street Style From Fall 2022 Shanghai Fashion Week

Jumbo Tsui, Photographer/ Founder of Pour Lui

Can you explain your day to day type? Talking about design and style, the most conspicuous factor may well be my triangular silhouette, I ordinarily dress in tight tops and excessively saggy trousers. I like to use some compact random accent to total a essential design logic. I really don’t want to show up like a fashionista my size makes it difficult for me to mix into the group, and dressing up even a little bit intricate would quickly transform me into a going for walks signage board.

Which Chinese designer model are you carefully following, or who is your favored designer? Ximon Lee for menswear, Maya Li is 1 of my favorite growing stars in women’s have on. Could it be that both of those occur from the household Li?

Photograph: Courtesy of Vogue China

Liang, Visible Artist & Manner Photographer

Can you describe your every day style? My day-to-day design and style can be referred to as urban chic/everyday.

Which Chinese designer brand are you intently pursuing, or who is your favored designer Xander Zhou is my all-time favourite, each and every season’s strategy is incredibly forward-looking, and the manner itself is quite wearable and tough Windowsen is a brand I grew to like in recent years, with superior-definition particulars and perspective, this sort of as the Mutants or Aliens genes digital shoe brand Scry, a pioneer in minimalist futurism.

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