Keep Internet Speed Fast While Working? So Use These Setups

Good internet speed is the need of the hour for everyone. Like in a workplace you need a streamlined internet as work emails have to be sent and received at the same time. But, it can sometimes cause issues like slow speed. There could be many reasons. For example, Bandwidth or the extender and router located at far locations.

Let’s move on to resolve your issues:

Wavlink Extender Firmware Update:

If you purchase a new Wavlink Extender. So as to accelerate your WiFi signal,

However, a Wavlink ac600 setup is also a necessity. Therefore, check and maintain the strength of your WiFi gadget. You have to update your device’s firmware from time to time. It will keep your extender in the best condition. Moreover, firmware updates help increase your extender’s performance and also safeguard your network from various security threats.

Do you feel it complicated to update the firmware? There isn’t anything to stress over.

You can get the most recent firmware update methods. By using settings portal or through the App. In the latter, you just need to go inside the settings to locate the latest firmware for your Extender. The other path includes accessing the settings portal of your WiFi extender via On the other hand, the other method can help clients who are looking for some particular version of Wavlink firmware for their extender. Read both procedures carefully and follow the one which you find easy.

Update Through a Website

  • Type in your current extender model in the search bar.
  • Verify, if you are up with any firmware updation on your Wifi Extender.
  • In the event that it is accessible, download it.
  • Once you download the new one, dispatch an internet browser on your gadget and access the new Extender Setup.
  • The default web address will continue for all extender models.
  • Now, go to Advanced then Admin, and afterward click on Wavlink Firmware Update.
  • Tap on the Choose File alternative and select the file you downloaded seconds ago.
  • Upload the firmware by hitting on it.
  • Your extender will reboot itself, when you will get the up to date firmware.
  • After refreshing the firmware, unplug your gadget and plug it in following a moment or two.

Scan For Malware

There is nothing to do with the hardware or ISP, malware can also be a reason for slow internet access. Malware like nuisance ware or adware might be checking performance. It can be a memory. An antivirus can surely resolve this issue of wavlink ac1200 setup.  However, unwanted pop-ups will keep on flashing on your screen or it will keep you on redirecting to unusual websites.

Switch to a Less Crowded Channel

May you have many connections! This might be slowing your broadband. It basically depends on which channels the existing router is using, so you should play smartly and try choosing less congested paths in terms of traffic.

Mainly, WiFi channels reveal what device has formed a connection with your network. There are a number of channels which analyze your WiFi channels. Sign in your router configuration to change the channels,  and select the options finally from the network channels or, choose one option that is

Pre-Existing Router Position Is Wrong

You have placed the router in the wrong place and blamed others.  This can be a reason for the slow internet. If we turn on the specifications of the router, the signal range will extend up to 100 feet. It tends to move slowly whenever it moves further.

So if you are in a room which is at a far distance from the room in which your router is placed, or let’s say it is placed outside; and you are expecting to get high speed then it is next to possible.

You Don’t Know Your Mbps

There is one word which is linked to the internet that is ‘Mbps’, which is associated with speed in terms of connection. Which is prefixed by a number. For ex- 75/75 Mbps, though many people have no certain idea of what Mbps actually means. To know more or we can say to have an idea of ‘Mbps’,  but moving further, we have to take a speed test of the internet. Let’s just move forward to the example; if you are up to buy a bike you will ask for the engine and the horsepower. Here we are assuming the internet in place of ‘horsepower’.

No Issues We Are On A Speed Test

Now, finally type ‘speed test’ in the search bar of your Google search bar, and without delaying further; choose the option that comes first – Google speed test. It is the most swift and authentic option for testing the speed. If it is not working then you can switch to an option called It undoubtedly works so well.


We hope you are able to resolve all your issues regarding the slow internet now.

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