How’s & Whys Related To Extended Deep Plane Facelift For Men

Deep-seated wrinkles that resemble creases often make an individual look way older. Additionally, the sagging skin and development of jowls make a person feel unattractive and lacking in confidence. Well, you do not have to pass any more anxious moments now. Opt for an Extended Deep plane Facelift for Men to retain the lost youthful luster. You are not being feminine by having such aspirations. On the contrary, many like-minded men think nothing of going through a facelift to reverse the tell-tale signs of aging.

First things first though! You need to get the right answers to all questions arising in your mind before deciding to undergo the procedure. Clarifying the doubts can help you make a positive and informed decision with the results being appreciated fully.

What Is An Extended Deep Plane Facelift For Men?

You may notice a blurring of your jawline that blends with the neck below. This will affect your appearance adversely. The above mentioned procedure will enable you to address this concern perfectly. The right surgeon will lift the skin along with the underlying muscles and reposition them at the right angles. You will regain the lost youthful look once again. The natural look will become evident without any sort of pinched or pulled signs being obvious. A word of caution that you need to heed, however!  Remember to use the services of a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon with a long-standing reputation for performing this type of specialized facelift.

You may be eager for additional information as you are a man who hopes to get an extended deep plane facelift. The commonest inquiries associated with this procedure targeted at men include the following:-

  • Facial Hair– All males tend to have hair on their faces. The placement of hair follicles is a determining factor for incisions and repositioning of the skin and muscles. The top surgeons are careful enough to avoid disrupting the hair follicles during the procedure. This minimizes scarring of the facial skin after recovery. It is interesting to note that the beard line would be pulled upwards and placed near the ar to conceal the scars and create a natural appearance.
  • Facial Structure– The ligaments and facial skeletal structure of men are stronger than that found in women. The surgeon is thus more careful about pulling the facial skin lightly so that there is no feminine appearance afterward. The procedure tends to focus more on the lower half of the face to prevent the formation of jowls with age. The skin around the jaw and chin is lifted tightly to ensure a sharply defined structure.

Admittedly, the patient is asked to voice the aesthetic outcome and preferences well in advance of the procedure. It is not surprising to note that men have a different desire than women when considering a facelift. The Extended Deep Plane Facelift for Men is usually customized to fit with the bone structure and accumulation of fat on the jawline and neck. Most surgeons focus on the lower half of the fat as men do not want to alter the shape of their eyebrows usually.

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