How to Draw A Bubble Letter X Easily

How to Draw A Bubble Letter X. We often associate The letter X with excitement and extreme! It’s good that this association exists since it’s quite a rare letter in English.

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If you write it normally, it’s a pretty easy letter to learn because it’s just two lines crossing each other.

However, we’re not here to write it normally but to create an awesome bubble letter X. It will be much more difficult than writing it normally.

While it may be more difficult, it can be made much easier by breaking it down into smaller steps. That’s exactly what we’ve done in this guide!

We’ve put together six steps to show you exactly the easiest way to create a beautiful bubble version of this letter.

After that, we’ll see how you can top it off with some fun colors and details.

How to Draw A Bubble Letter X

Step 1

If you’ve enjoyed any of our other bubble letter drawing guides, you know that we often recommend that you pencil the letter before you begin.

We’ll break it down into easier steps, but it might still help to write a capital X in a regular font. This will also help you plan what size you want your letter to be.

Just ensure you don’t press too hard and don’t use a dark pencil, as this will make it harder to erase later. Now let’s draw the first section of the X.

An X is two lines that intersect and form four sections. We will now draw the first of these sections, the one on the top left.

Using straight lines when creating a design like this can be tempting, but we ensure all lines are nicely rounded.

We will do this to make it look more like a bubble. First, we draw a curved line for the first section, which shows how this is done in the reference image. Then we can add the next section in step two!

Step 2

We’ve drawn one arm of your letter X and will now add the second. The first was on the top left, and this one will be on the bottom left.

It will be bent and shaped like the first one, except at a different angle. Drawing the X with a pencil would be very helpful in connecting these arms.

Also, draw these arms slowly and carefully, as it’s easy to create a little bump if you draw a curved line too quickly.

That’s two arms down and two to do, so we’ll add another one in the next step of the guide.

Step 3

You should now see where we’re going with this bubble with the letter X we’re drawing. Now let’s add the third arm of the X.

This time it will be moved to the lower right side of the X, as shown in our example. As always, it will face a different direction but otherwise be identical in shape to the others.

We’ve used “identical” before, but try not to focus too much on ensuring everything fits perfectly. It can help create the bubble effect if they are slightly different sizes.

Now there is one last gap to fill, and that’s what we will do in Step 4, so let’s move on.

Step 4

In step 4, we will finish the outline of your letter X. Now you know what to do: draw another curved arm to fill in the space left over from last time.

With that, your pattern is complete! Now that you’ve successfully done it, you can see that it’s not as difficult as it may seem initially.

However, we’re not done yet, as we need to make it look like a bubble instead of a flat letter on one side.

We will do this in the next few steps, but we can now prepare. You can achieve this by refining the final lines until you get a consistent outline.

So if you added pencil guides, you can delete them now because you don’t need them for the rest of the drawing.

Now that the outline looks good, we can focus on adding some interior details to finish it off before coloring the image.

Step 5

If you look at our reference image for Step 5, you’ll see that we’ve added a few simple touches to give this image a more three-dimensional look.

Let’s look at some of these details and how to add them to your image. The first step is to make it appear that light is reflecting off the X.

This is intended to make it look more like a bubble or balloon and is a simple but effective trick. All you have to do is draw small oval shapes on the letters.

We placed them on the X’s upper arms, but you can place them anywhere. Then you’ll notice we’ve added some thin, slightly curved lines to the outlines.

These give the letter a little more depth and make it look bulky. After you know these details, it already looks more like a bubble.

You can add more details if you want to go further. For example, you might want it to look even more like a balloon.

To do this, you can draw a small detail in the place where the balloon was inflated and tied. Then a string could follow from that point!

This is an idea, but now it’s time to add any cool details you want for this design before adding some colors.

Step 6

You’ve reached the final step of this letter X bubble, and now we can have fun with the colors. Everyone has favorite colors, so be sure to use the colors you love!

For our example, we chose a dark blue color scheme to give this letter a more relaxed vibe. We love how it looks; if you like it, use similar colors!

If you prefer something warmer or lighter, you can do that too. Whatever you choose, you can see how we used gradients to make it more three-dimensional.

The color has a darker hue in places and then gradually lightens. You’ll see how light can affect colors by looking at a real balloon.

We are going for this effect, and you can play with it to make it more like an object.

Various artistic mediums, such as watercolor or acrylic paint, are better suited. However, you should use one of your favorite art tools or media!

Your Bubble Letter X Drawing is Finished!

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