How to Clean and Maintain Jacket to Keep it Looking New

Jackets have always been the most essential wardrobe pieces for both men and women. A good jacket holds the power to make your casual and basic outfit, into a classy and chic one. Jackets go way back into the early 60s, when these were considered to be worn by specific people, embracing them with grace, style and protection.

Today, our fashion line has evolved immensely, and we have a wide range of jackets to choose from. Whether it’s a leather jacket, denim, cotton, satin or parka, each has its own aura that works differently for every individual. You can find a vast collection of jackets on Leather Jackets, with the assurance of quality and durability.

As luxurious, stylish and classy jackets are, they don’t just come easy. To maintain the new and charming look of a jacket, there are certain things that you need to make sure. The spark and charm of your jacket comes at a cost – you need to take good care of it. By wearing a jacket, it definitely loses its new and actual look, but there are some things that you can do to keep it looking new.

In this article, we will be listing some easy and basic ways of cleaning and maintaining the new look of your jacket. Dig in.

How to Clean a Jacket?

Read the label on the inside

Before putting your jacket in the washing machine, read the label on the inside of your jacket carefully. Mostly, the label states whether to wash the jacket in a machine or by hand. If the label directs to wash it in a machine, always make sure to wash it on a delicate cycle. Follow the instructions mentioned on the label carefully, because you wouldn’t want to risk your expensive jacket, would you?

Spot clean

By wearing a jacket everyday now and then, it can get stained easily, and it doesn’t seem smart to wash it every time in the machine, does it? So, it’s suggested to spot clean it instead. All you need to do is get a bowl of warm water, mild detergent and a piece of cloth. Dip the piece of cloth in the mixture of mild detergent and water, and gently rub it on the surface of the jacket where you can spot stains. Next, wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth. Do not rub it too hard.

Machine wash

If the label on your jacket says that you can wash it in a machine, always make sure to turn it inside out. Also, always wash your jacket on a delicate cycle, with cold water and mild detergent. And do not use fabric softeners at all, as they can damage the fabric of the jacket.

Hand wash

In case the label on your jacket suggests hand washing, all you need to do is fill in the sink with cold water and add mild detergent to it. Now, submerge the jacket in water, and gently toss it to get rid of the stains.

How to maintain a jacket to keep it looking new?

Here are some smart tips that you can follow to keep your jacket looking new:

Dry correctly

Whenever you wash a jacket, never hang it up in front of direct sunlight, as it will ruin the fabric of the jacket. Always make sure to hang up a jacket on a broad hanger, and let it dry in a place where the sun doesn’t hit directly.

Store properly

Make sure to store your jacket properly. Whether you are wearing it once a month, or every other day, do not let it sit amongst the clutter. Storing your jacket properly can prevent it from wrinkles and damage. It is suggested to hang up a jacket on a broad hanger, so that it maintains its shape perfectly. If you do not have much space to hang up your jacket, then fold it properly and keep it inside a drawer or a shelf.

Maintain the fabric

To maintain the new look of your jacket, apply water repellent coating every six months. Applying a water repellent will protect the fabric from liquids and water.


Cleaning and maintaining your jacket will ensure that the jacket lasts longer, with the same look as it was when it was new. Make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the label, and wash it accordingly. Also, store it in a secure manner and maintain the fabric by applying water repellent coating to it. With these smart tips, you’ll be able to maintain the new look of your jacket for years to come. Read Also!

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