How tall is Super Mario really?

The Mushroom Kingdom of Princess Peach is a mysterious realm. Its topography has changed over time, warp tunnels are the primary mode of transportation, and Toads, Yoshis, Goombas, and Koopas live there. Nonetheless, this has not prevented enthusiasts from attempting to subject Super Mario to some scientific scrutiny.

The height of video game protagonists is one of the most frequently discussed topics. How tall is Mario and his friends? The 5ft 1in height attributed to Mario is based on a statue in Japan, which was never meant to be a life-size representation. Now that size charts for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film have been released, we’re not sure if they clarify anything (want to attempt to figure it out yourself? Consult our compilation of the finest Nintendo Switch deals).

How tall is Mario really?

There have been numerous rumours regarding the actual height of each character.

Some claim that Mario must be 5’1″ tall, but they are incorrect, as this would make Peach and other tall characters over 6″ tall. Which makes no logic given that we know she and a few others are shorter than most NBA players (NBA Street V3).

Based on the anatomically accurate humans in Super Mario Odyssey, here are the heights of all the primary Mario franchise characters.

How Tall is Luigi?

Luigi is eight inches taller than his slightly older sibling, given his height of 5’9″.

Although nearly everyone knows that Luigi is Mario’s cowardly younger sibling, the Mario brothers are actually fraternal twins who are frequently in sync.

Luigi was introduced in 1983 as a simple palette change of Mario, with no other distinguishing characteristics.

As the Mario universe grew, Luigi was eventually developed into a distinct character with abilities that distinguished him from his twin sibling.

Luigi was forced to exist in Mario’s shadow for the first few generations of Nintendo consoles, as he was considered Mario’s less popular copy.

While Mario became Nintendo’s symbol, Luigi remained the same timid plumber.

Nintendo created the Luigi’s Mansion series in order to capitalise on Luigi’s inherent fearfulness.

This family-friendly GameCube original was intended to be Nintendo’s response to the rise of titles like Resident Evil.

Main Mario Villains Height

Here is a list of the heights of all of the primary Mario antagonists from the Mario franchise.

  • Wario is 49 inches tall / 4’1″
  • Waluigi is 60 inches / 5’0″ / 152 cm tall (at least +4 inches when standing erect).
  • Diddy Kong is 31 inches tall, or 2 feet and 7 inches, including his stoop.
  • Dixie Kong is 30 inches tall, or 2 feet and 6 inches, including droop.
  • Donkey Kong’s knuckles measure 52 inches / 4’4 inches / 132 cm. When standing, he is 69 inches / 5’9″ / 175 cm tall.


What Height is Mario?

Mario’s height is 44 inches / 3’8 inches / 112 centimetres

What Height is Bowser?

Bowser’s height (including his mane) is 74 inches / 6’2 inches / 188 cm.

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