Embrace a New You: Exploring the World of Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgeries are necessary because, after a certain time period massive weight starts affecting your health. There are different variations of weight loss surgeries, we are presenting the most prosperous Bariatric surgery that modifies the working of your internal organs. The organs are operated in a manner that they intake a healthy and limited diet. This surgery is a great way to Embrace a New You: Exploring the World of Bariatric Surgery so that you can get a healthy lifestyle by achieving sustainable weight loss.


Bariatric surgery is a metabolism surgery that makes changes to your digestive system by performing a minor operation on your abdominal part. Our stomachs become smaller and the bypass system of the small intestine will be reduced. After this surgery, our stomach only intakes a healthy and limited diet as it controls our appetite. This surgery is proven very beneficial to treat obesity and successfully losing your weight. At Enfield Royal Clinic, we are offering the best Bariatric Surgery in Abu Dhabi to change your overall health in no time.


After taking this treatment, the patient can experience 66 to 78 % of weight loss in a month.

Results are long-lasting because the patient feels complete after consuming a slight quantity of meals.

The outcomes of this surgery depend on many factors like Age, type of digestive system, total weight, and hormones of the patient.


It  is a sustainable weight-losing technique to Embrace a New You: Exploring the World of Bariatric Surgery which is profitable to our entire body’s health in many ways such as:

  • It can control our blood sugar levels.
  • Increases our immunity system.
  • Improves our skin and hair health.
  • Controls high blood pressure.
  • Reduces depression
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Patients can get better sleep by achieving normal weight.

Ideal Candidates:

According to Enfield Royal Clinic, below are quoted the criteria for excellent candidacy to take this treatment:

  • Candidates experiencing a failure in all weight loss methods.
  • Individuals with stronger immune systems.
  • Youngsters.
  • People with no stomach disorder.


Some necessary precautions before taking this surgery are:

  • Consult your medicine and give necessary blood tests.
  • Use a liquid diet three days before the treatment.
  • Avoid unhealthy and unhygienic food.
  • Do exercises and walk regularly.
  • Avoid taking medicines.
  • Restrain your body with a healthy routine.


The basic method of bariatric surgery is to divide our stomach into two parts, this surgery is carried out in different ways according to the patient’s physical condition. The most common and efficient  procedures of bariatric surgery at Enfield Royal Clinic are:

Gastric Bypass:

Gastric bypass is a process that can be done using a staple-like machine that diverges your stomach. The small intestine will be connected to both parts, the upper part of the stomach absorbs food and passes it to the intestine.

Sleeve Gastrectomy:

Sleeve gastrectomy does not invade your intestine. This is a process of removing a major area of your stomach. About 68 to 70% of stomachs will be removed after this methodologyThe removal of a significant portion leaves a very slim and narrow stomach.  Our food cravings will be reduced after this approach. Read our latest artcle electric motor bike for adults. If you want to know intrested facts about electric motorcycle follow tromox

Adjustable Gastric band:

A gastric band is a silicone round band that is positioned around the upper piece of your stomach to decrease its working. After inserting, the doctor modifies this band according to your hunger level.


Some aftercare treatments should be done to gain maximum advantages, necessary aftercare instructions are:

  • Take multivitamins and nutrients regularly.
  • Avoid taking alcohol.
  • Do regular exercises
  • Take care of your abdominal part
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Do not take an unhealthy diet.
  • Use protein supplements.
  • Avoid taking too much tea or coffee.

Why choose us?

Enfield Royal Clinic provides the most experienced and expert professionals for Bariatric Surgery in Abu Dhabi. Our healthcare professionals give information about any kind of situation in this process and suggest the safest procedure according to your physical health. You will get the most innovative and desired results in a single session.

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