Exploring Geography With the Total Guide for Class 10 ICSE

Geography is an important subject for Class 10 students. The subject is valuable in benefitting students in their future professions. For instance, it can be advantageous in environmental science, commerce, and international relations careers. In the previous classes, you might have learnt the basics of the subject. Whereas in Class 10, you will be introduced to advanced geographical concepts. If you are a Class 10 student of the ICSE syllabus looking for the best geography book,  look at the best guide: The Total Geography Class 10 ICSE guide.

This book is a comprehensive guide explaining different landscapes. Here, we will look at the important concepts covered in this guide for ICSE Class 10 Geography and help you understand how it simplifies the concepts for you to understand easily.

About Total Geography Class 10 ICSE Guide

This book is an essential learning supplement created for students studying Geography in Class 10 under the ICSE board. Professional educators write this guide; P. S. Latika, Jasmine Rachel, and Dolly E. Sequeira. The book’s binding type is paperback, allowing students to easily turn pages without tearing. The chapters in this guide enhance students’ understanding of Geography and the world around us.

Total Textbook for ICSE Class 10 Geography: Your Best Learning Supplement

Let’s explore why you should use the Total guide for ICSE Class 10 Geography:

Comprehensive subject knowledge:

This book provides comprehensive subject knowledge. It offers a distinctive learning approach, focusing on practical applications of geographic principles. It is divided into various sections. These include physical, human, and environmental geography, among others.

Provides an engaging learning approach:

This book contains detailed explanations for each concept. Also, they have been presented as very engaging for students to grasp the concepts easily. The authors have incorporated numerous captivating features in the book, such as maps, visual illustrations, and case studies. These features aid students in visualising and understanding complex concepts and boost their knowledge.

Uses easily understandable language:

Since this book is especially for Class 10 students, the authors used simple, student-friendly language. Students can easily follow and understand the concepts. Additionally, the book also includes a glossary of essential terms and concepts, ensuring that students possess a firm grasp of the subject matter.

Meets the latest ICSE Curriculum:

This book is meticulously curated to meet the latest curriculum of ICSE for Class 10. It includes topics like the interpretation of geographical maps, contours, climate, soil resources, natural vegetation and other chapters in the ICSE curriculum.

Important Topics in Total Guide for ICSE Class 10 Geography

Below mentioned are some important chapters and concepts for Class 10 ICSE students covered in this book:

      Interpretation of Topographic Map

In this chapter, you understand the components and terms used in maps. A precise and accurate representation of the cultural and natural features found on the surface of the Earth is known as a topographic map.

In the modern era, topographic maps serve various purposes, such as urban planning and construction projects on a large scale, the study of Earth sciences, and various other geographical disciplines. This chapter will teach you about the grid reference system and the location coordinates. You can learn how to use the maps. The other chapter related to maps in this book guide is Map Reading And Interpretation.

      Waste Management: Impact of Waste Accumulation and Safe Disposal of Waste

It is separated into two chapters. In these chapters, you will learn about the consequences of waste accumulation and how to dispose of waste safely. You will learn about the deposition of solid materials and how it affects the environment. After segregating them for reusing and recycling, you will also learn how to properly dispose of the waste materials.

      Agriculture: Food Crops and Cash Crops

Here you will learn more about agriculture. It includes explanations for food corps. It refers to most of the world’s food supply, which is generated from plants; a crop assumes human intervention via farming.

You will also learn about cash crops in this chapter. Cash crops are also known as commercial crops. You will know how crops are grown to sell on the market or exported for profit.

      Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

In this chapter, you will learn about the non-conventional sources of energy. You will also learn about several non-conventional energy sources like solar, wind, tidal, biogas, and geothermal.


In conclusion, the Total Geography Class 10 ICSE is an exceptional resource for ICSE students who aspire to excel in geography. It is also a great book if you are studying higher secondary and want to check the basics. This textbook is essential for success because of its wide content, interesting features, and clear explanations. Get your copy today and take the first step towards mastering geography.

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