Everything you need to know about camping close to Pune


Camping near pune is a wonderful weekend activity since it puts you outside and close to nature. The top camping locations in the Pune area have been compiled for your convenience.Here are the top campgrounds to visit around Pune, regardless of whether you’re an experienced camper with your own equipment or would prefer to sihn up and reserve yourself a tent at a campsite.


Pune is renowned for its pleasant climate, delectable cuisine, and accepting population.Yet, the commotion can get exhausting, so you might want to find a calm, relaxing area to get away from it all.Fortunately, there are plenty of breathtaking, picturesque places in Pune, whether you want to go on a day trip or spend the weekend camping.Also, you can go camping for less money than you would need to spend for a single day at a resort.The greatest camping areas in Pune are listed here, regardless of your financial situation.


The Top Campgrounds Near Pune That You Should Visit


  • Karnala

It is the location of the renowned Karnala Bird Sanctuary and the mediaeval fort known as Funnel Hill. We enjoy the Karnala campsite of Big Red Tent, which is about two hours away from Pune. A crash course in how to set up your own tent, an evening hike, a BBQ meal, and ice cream or s’mores around the campfire on your first night are all included in their overnight package. The following day, you have a choice between participating in a guided hike through the bird sanctuary or climbing Karnala Fort (for more seasoned adventurers). Enjoy your time here while gazing under the stars, renting your own barbecue for a fee, or asking the staff for a football or cricket bat.Also, the campsite has a large grass with sprinklers for you to cool off on after your hike and western-style restrooms with running water.


  • Pawna Lake 

In Pawna, lakeside camping lets you experience camping for what it is at its core: an opportunity to re-connect with nature.Check out Beyond Camping, a brand-new, upcoming campground run by a young couple named Apeksha and Bhavin, if you’re young and brave.The campground is located in a picturesque area on the banks of Pawna Lake, just a short drive (45–50 km) outside of Pune.When you cosy up by the campfire, take advantage of evening munchies, a live BBQ, and a special village-cooked supper.Live acoustic music will be played after supper.As the lake level is a little low in the summer, swimming in the deep water is not permitted, but you can still get your feet wet!There are also indoor games, badminton, volleyball, cricket, and archery.It lasts from Saturday night until Sunday morning and includes meals, camping, and activities.It’s a great way to enjoy a summer weekend without going over budget, in our opinion.


  • Kalote Lake 

At Khopoli, Kalote Lake is about a two-hour (95 km) journey from Pune. It’s a little piece of heaven on earth, encircled by verdant hills on three sides and a stunning lake on the other.Our top choice for camping nearby is the LetsCampOut facility at Sabharwal Farms.They have a lot to offer at this, their premier campsite, including activities for nature lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts, and introverts alike. You are entitled to a stay in cosy tents with fully equipped restrooms as part of their overnight camping package.You’ll have access to drinking water, breakfast buffets, Barbeque, evening tea with snacks, and home-cooked dinners.The package includes lake swimming and fishing, but further adventurous activities like horseback riding and kayaking can be arranged for an additional fee.To fully take in Kalote Lake’s splendour, we advise you to walk around the campsite.


  • Tikona 

Tikona is a hill that resembles a pyramid and is 3,500 feet high. At its base is a village and an old battle-fort.Tikona is just over two hours’ drive from Pune and is located very close to Kamshet.Visitors come in droves to climb the fort and take in the breathtaking views of Pawna Valley and the lake.Popular campsite Rusticville is great for novice or experienced campers.The cost of the reservation includes lodging in a premium adventure tent, pillows, and sleeping bags.Every meal, including morning tea and coffee, basic breakfast, DIY BBQ (with pre-marinated food for you to cook) with BBQ equipment, private bonfire, unlimited buffet dinner, and evening tea with snacks, is included in the price.In case you want something extra or to nibble in between meals, there is also a tuck shop.Volleyball, archery, badminton, cricket, carrom, and chess are among the activities.It’s simple to go alone to Tikona, and Pawna Lake is easily accessible from the campsite after a 20–25 minute stroll.A guide can be hired if you desire one for an additional fee.


  • Bhandardara 

The distance between Pune and the little village of Bhandardara is roughly 4.5 to 5.5 hours by car.The closest natural landmarks include Arthur Lake, Wilson Dam on the Pravara River, and the Umbrella Falls during the monsoon season. Mount Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra, is located here.There are several places for trekking and hiking nearby, but the route to Ratangad Fort is particularly noteworthy. Bhandardara is renowned for its beautiful sunsets, starry nights, and fireflies.We discovered Get Set Camp overnight camping packages.Because camping is a little more primitive here, we advise you to bring everything you’ll need, including your camera and power pack.


What kinds of camping opportunities are there close to Pune?


Near Pune, there are lots of different camping alternatives, including tent camping, glamping, cottage camping, and luxury camping. 

You can select the kind of camping that best meets your needs and financial situation.


 What amusements can I take part in while camping close to Pune?


You can engage in a number of activities when camping close to Pune, including hiking, stargazing, kayaking, fishing, and bonfires. 

You can engage in adventure sports like rappelling, rock climbing, and zip-lining as well as visit the local tourist attractions.


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