eCommerce Expert Explores How Bad Customer Service Is Killing Your Brand

The importance of customers in a business can’t be explained in a few words. According to research, more than 86% of online buyers are ready to pay the best price in exchange for better customer service from any business.

Customers are one of the precious assets of any business. In this virtual world, competition in every field is at its peak. Many businesses are working in the same place as yours.

In this digital market, one thing that every eCommerce seller faces is they have their entire focus on their website only and neglect the importance of customer service for their website.

Through this article, we’ll discuss various mistakes that can easily kill your business without knowing. To avoid all these issues, you just need to be focused and have to plan better strategies for your business.

If you don’t know how to start or where to start, take a deep breath and have a word with experts providing custom eCommerce website development services.

Have you ever wondered, what is the importance of customers in any business? Why businesses are nothing without them?  Let’s have a brief look.

Importance of Customers in Business

  • Helps in making more profits
  • Drives repeated business
  • Increase in ROI
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Boosts workplace morale
  • Increases your brand’s strength

The basic importance of the customers for businesses is given above, whether it is operating online or offline. But, most businesses do some mistakes that can easily harm their business.

Down below are some mistakes that are made by businesses while giving customer service:

Improper training for agents

Live chat or support agents are those individuals that handle your customers directly. If your support team fails in responding to the queries of the customers, all your efforts will go in vain, even if your product range is quite attractive to them.

To avoid this issue, all you can do is conduct proper training for your staff. It’s your responsibility to tell them about your business’s last trades, shipping policies, return policies, pricing strategies, etc. Your team should be smart enough to check the buying patterns of the customers and later implement them in the business for better sales.

Everyone is not included

The biggest mistake that is done by any business, is not involving everyone in it. They assume that providing better customer service is only thing of agents, but it’s not correct, providing better service to the customers is the responsibility of every employee working in the company.

Delay in responses

The people don’t get better services from your eCommerce, they will choose another option for themselves. Customers want any business to answer them right away without taking extra time. Make sure your agents are giving responses to your customer’s queries on time.

Train your team in a much better way and tell them to give responses to customers in lesser time.

Arguments with customers

The best customer service is all about keeping your customer happy no matter what. Even if you are not satisfied with your customer’s complaint, you can’t argue with them straight away. If products get damaged during shipment, it’s your responsibility to make a proper payment return to the customer.

Social media ignorance

With evolving social media craze in today’s generation, it becomes more important to keep an eye on your business pages. You should address the complaints first if there are any on your social media platform regarding your products. Make sure not to argue publically instead, make an apology for not giving better service.

Bad refund and return policy

A satisfied customer will tell more people about your product if their experience with your brand is good.  Crafting a better return and refund policy is not a bad idea. An easy policy is important for your store’s success. It also helps in building trust and shows a professional image of your business.

Ignoring customers

It will be the biggest failure if your support team responds to customers’ queries that are not relevant to their issues. The more the agent listens to customers’ issues very attentively, the better they will be resolving issues.

Not keeping promises

The biggest service mistake done by eCommerce businesses is first doing big promises and then not making them fulfilled. This will do nothing but damage your business’s goodwill and reputation. That’s why it is suggested to work more and talk less.

No Omnichannel service

While working with online businesses, you have to focus on different channels also. If customers are facing any problems, they easily get in touch with your support executives either via phone, chat, or email. Most people support online businesses offering Omnichannel services.

Giving wrong information

Giving wrong or fake information to customers can easily misguide them and also annoy them for not getting the right information. This has a direct impact on the reputation and goodwill of your business.


We hope all your doubts regarding customer service are cleared by having read this article.

We suggest you try to overcome these issues to get better results.

For more help, you can contact experts offering services related to custom eCommerce website development in India.

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