Dos and Don’ts of Applying Colour Key Lipstick for a Flawless Finish

Every girl loves to wear lipstick as it enhances the look and adds to their glamour. It dramatically changes mood and makes one feel confident and happy. However, lipsticks often dry out on lips and crack them up, leading to feathering and bleeding. One can reduce this instance by buying Flortte lipstick through Colour Key. But before applying this lipstick also know the important dos and don’ts.

The Dos of Applying Colour Key Lipstick

Ensure you follow the below tips before applying lipstick:

  • Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Lips 

Lipsticks tend to dry out sometime after application increasing the chances of chapped and flaky skin. You can avoid this by exfoliating and then properly moisturizing your lips. It will allow a smooth and soft canvas for lipstick application and ensure your lips don’t dry out.

  • Apply Lip Balm/Lip Primer

Lips balms/lip primers work wonders on lips as they retain moisture, preventing dry lips. Additionally, their lightweight formula helps your lipstick to last longer by making the wear more comfortable.

  • Outline With a Lip Pencil

It is always good to trace the edges of your lips with a lip pencil before you apply lipstick. A lip liner is an ideal guide that prevents the lipstick from spreading out. In this way, your lipstick looks precise for longer hours.

  • Apply Lipstick Gently

Apply Flortte lipstick gently on the lips. Glide a thin layer and gradually build the intensity and opacity. Purse your lips gently after using them.

  • Allow it to Dry Completely

After applying a coat of lipstick on your lips, wait for the lipstick to dry. Avoid pursing your lips together during this time. Keep your lips slightly parted until the lipstick dries. It will avoid the smearing of lipstick.

The Don’ts of Applying Colour Key Lipstick

Ensure you follow the below tips before applying Colour Key lipstick:

  • Avoid Using Lipstick on Dry Lips

Never use lipstick on dry and chapped lips as dry lips and lipsticks do not go well together. Applying lipstick on flaky skin will emphasize the cracks and settle into lines making the lips look unsightly.

  • Over-Application is Unnecessary

Most think that the over-application of lipsticks will enhance the look. However, this is not true. Over-application of lipstick makes them bleed beyond lip lines making them look untidy.

  • Avoid Rubbing Your Lipstick

Never rub off the lipstick to remove it from the skin. Rubbing off lipstick without a remover will make your lips look patchy. Moreover, you will find the remains of your lipstick which is unhealthy.

It is always safe to use lipsticks and cosmetics from reliable brands. It means it is better to have one original product of better quality than to have several replica products that are harmful to the skin. You can use Flortte lipstick by Colour Key which ensures deep repair and nourishment of your lips and rejuvenates discoloured lips.

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