Difference Between The PTE And IELTS Exam Pattern

Because of its widespread acceptance, the IELTS exam is the top choice for those wishing to evaluate their English language proficiency test. Apart from this, those who want to migrate abroad for higher education and pursue a career know the significance of the IELTS test. However, due to the toughest level and grading system, many applicants may find it challenging to appear for the IELTS exam. For them, the PTE exam is another good option. In other words, we can essay that the PTE test is an alternative to the IELTS test. But the PTE test is easier than the IELTS exam. Due to this,  candidates who are looking for the best IELTS exam substitute are increasingly turning to the PTE exam.

The fact is that bot the test evaluates the English proficiency of people. Both the test have the same format such as it judges people on their English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. The measure difference is that the IELTS exam is pen paper based exam whereas the PTE exam is performed on a computer. Apart from this, there are some other reasons which will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. Those who do not have time to go to a coaching center for PTE exam preparations can join PTE Online Coaching. This platform offers you to prepare for the PTE exam preparation while sitting at home and assist you with expert guidance.

Have a look at the major difference in the modules of the IELTS and PTE exam

The writing part

In the IELTS writing module, applicants have to write two tasks in English utilizing their writing abilities. Whereas the PTE exam applicants have to summarize written texts, first in a brief paragraph and then in a single statement. This is the fundamental distinction between the PTE writing section and the IELTS writing section. Many applicants considered the PTE writing section to be significantly easier than the IELTS writing section. As a result, if you are struggling with the IELTS writing section. Consider taking the PTE if you wish to do well on the English proficiency test.

The speaking part

During the Speaking section of the IELTS exam, applicants must introduce themselves to the examiner. Applicants have to correctly represent their thoughts in flawless English. However, in the PTE exam, candidates have to explain an image. They must talk clearly and with suitable emphasis, tone, and pronunciation. The PTE speaking component may be challenging. But with proper study, candidates can succeed in the exam.

The section on Reading

For applicants who are having difficulty performing well on the IELTS exam, the PTE exam is an option. due to the fact that the timing and structure of each section vary. Candidates will be asked fewer questions and given significantly less time to respond. The text will be significantly shorter than the paragraphs in the IELTS reading section. Candidates must actively prepare for the PTE reading section. because each text just contains one question that must be answered in a specific length of time. Learn to use the “skimming and scanning” strategy to uncover relevant information.

Section of listening

The increasing number of questions makes the reading and listening components of the IELTS exam more difficult for applicants. However, taking the PTE reading and listening components is uncomplicated for applicants. Are you able to do so? However, the PTE exam only plays recordings from reputable academic sources. Furthermore, the candidates must write from dictation while marking incorrect summaries and terminology.

Look over the example papers

Be cautious and thoroughly comprehend the distinction between the two by reading various sample papers available on the internet. Do you see why we recommend that you solve the example papers? Simply said, these will help you determine your practical limitations and strengths. There are a plethora of example papers available online that clearly demonstrate the downsides and benefits of the IELTS and PTE exams.

However, if you want to hone your English speaking in order to get a high score in PTE speaking. You must join the English Speaking Course in Patiala. This platform helps you to become a fluent English speaker.


Before choosing any English proficiency test from IELTS and PTE you must have knowledge about the plus points and minus points of both tests and choose the one according to your convenience.

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