cr2016 and cr2032 Batteries: Which one do you prefer?

Batteries are essential in delivering the required power for tiny electrical gadgets. The CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are two that are often used in a variety of electrical gadgets. Despite their initial similarities, they have a number of important distinctions that may affect how well suited they are for certain applications. We shall examine the features, benefits, drawbacks, and typical uses of CR2016 vs CR2032 batteries in this post. By the conclusion, you’ll be able to tell which battery best meets your demands. So let get started with cr2016 battery equivalent

Understanding CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries

What are CR2016 Batteries?

Coin-cell lithium batteries, or CR2016 batteries, are frequently found in a variety of tiny electronic gadgets. The letters “CR” stand for lithium manganese dioxide chemistry, “20” denotes the 20mm diameter, and “16” denotes the 1.6mm height, giving rise to their name. These batteries are renowned for their dependability and provide a consistent power supply.

What are CR2032 Batteries?

Both cr2016 vs cr2032 batteries are lithium coin-cell batteries. The “CR” stands for the chemistry of lithium manganese dioxide, “20” for a 20mm diameter, and “32” for a 3.2mm height. CR2032 batteries have a minor thickness advantage over CR2016 cells and provide compatible devices with a bigger capacity and longer duration.

Size and Dimensions

CR2016 Size and Dimensions

CR2016 batteries have a 20mm diameter and a 1.6mm height. They have a tiny form factor that makes them useful for small devices like wristwatches, calculators, and remote controls.

CR2032 Size and Dimensions

CR2032 batteries are 3.2mm thicker than CR2016 batteries while sharing the same 20mm diameter. CR2032 batteries are better suited for devices that demand more power, such computer motherboards, medical equipment, and key fobs, because to the larger thickness that enables a higher capacity.

Voltage and Capacity

CR2016 Voltage and Capacity

A voltage of 3 volts is commonly provided by CR2016 batteries. Depending on the manufacturer, their capacity ranges from about 75mAh to 90mAh. These batteries are made for low-power uses that don’t call for a lot of energy.

CR2032 Voltage and Capacity

Similar to CR2016 batteries, CR2032 batteries produce 3 volts while in use. In contrast to CR2016 batteries, CR2032 batteries have a higher capacity because of their bigger size. They generally have a capacity between 190mAh and 225mAh, giving devices that require more power a longer duration.

Shelf Life and Storage

CR2016 Shelf Life and Storage

CR2016 batteries typically have a shelf life of 5 to 10 years, which is rather lengthy. It’s crucial to keep them out of direct sunlight and harsh temperatures when in storage to extend their longevity. By adhering to these storage suggestions, you can guarantee that CR2016 batteries will hold their charge until you’re ready to utilise them. Read also: What is Double Pole Double Throw Switch Working & its Applications

CR2032 Shelf Life and Storage

CR2032 batteries have a shelf life of five to ten years, much to CR2016 batteries. Their performance must be maintained through proper storage. Keep them away from extreme heat or dampness and in a cold, dry atmosphere. You can keep CR2032 batteries in top shape for extended periods of time by properly storing them.

Price and Availability

CR2016 Price and Availability

The CR2016 battery is readily accessible and reasonably priced. They are available from a variety of retail establishments, electronics retailers, and internet shopping sites. Depending on the brand, amount, and store, the actual cost may change. In general, most people may readily get and afford CR2016 batteries.

CR2032 Price and Availability

Additionally widely accessible and fairly priced are CR2032 batteries. Retail establishments, electronics retailers, and internet marketplaces all carry them. Depending on the brand and amount ordered, the pricing may change. Considering their widespread use and high demand, CR2032 batteries are often inexpensive and easy to get.

CR2016 vs. CR2032: Which One Should You Choose?

  1. Device Requirements: Analyse your device’s power requirements. CR2032 batteries are a preferable option if the device needs a higher energy output or a longer duration. CR2016 batteries could be enough for small, low-power devices.
  2. Size Constraints: Check your device’s storage capacity. They provide a greater capacity alternative if it can take the somewhat bigger size of CR2032 batteries.
  3. Cost Considerations: Review your spending plan. Both batteries are often reasonable, however CR2016 batteries are frequently a little less expensive.
  4. Common Applications: Check to see whether your gadget fits one of the usual uses for either battery. This can shed light on how well they work together and perform.
  5. Shelf Life: Consider the shelf life of each battery type if you need a longer shelf life or fewer battery replacements.


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