Choosing the Right Aged Care Home: Factors to Consider

Old age is a challenging time for people as they lose the strength to do their daily activities. When nearing old age, they tend to lose interest in things and feel dejected.

Looking after old family members is tough when we tread deep into corporate lives. An aged care home is a better alternative in such situations as they get good care and socialisation opportunities. This blog details the factors that help choose the right home for your elderly family member.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aged Care Home

Consider checking the following factors before selecting a retirement home for your loved one.

  • Understand Their Requirements

Before you set out looking for an aged care home, consider knowing your family member’s needs. If the elderly relative faces problems while eating, or bathing or has a chronic disease, they will need a home that provides nursing services. Search and visit the various options available and check their facilities.

There is also the option to request a care assessment from a Home and Community Care (HACC) office near your locality. They may recommend not sending the relative to a care home and opt for a service like nursing instead.

  • Location

Based on the care assessment’s requirements, you should look for a proper elderly care centre. If you are selecting an aged care home for your family member with special requirements, consider opting for one in your vicinity. This will help you and your family to visit your elderly relatives more frequently.

Furthermore, you can attend to your relative’s needs in an aged care home during times of emergency.

  • Accreditation and Reputation

The Australian Government determines and recognises approved care in homes with accreditation arrangements. Accredited homes provide a high quality of care and provide 44 outcomes (facilities) to residents.

While looking for an aged care home, you must check how many criteria the home fulfils.  This largely impacts the reputation of the home. Along with accreditation, you must also assess the reviews that these places have received.

Uniting SA is a leading provider of comfortable and welcoming residential aged care in Australia. Besides aged care homes, they offer homeless shelters in Adelaide and help the community be a safe space for kids and adults.

  • Cost of Care

The cost of care can vary significantly from one organisation to another. There are multiple options from private pay services to publicly subsidised services that determine the cost of residence and elderly care.

You can gain access to private pay services directly from care providers. They do not check your eligibility that healthcare service marks. You can easily compare and analyse services from different providers and choose one that meets your preference.

Besides the above four factors, consider checking the food quality, safety, equipment and rules that a shortlisted aged care home provides. By considering these factors, you can select comfortable and caring residential care for your loved one.

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