Benefits of Ordering Custom Cardboard Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Packaging boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: the cardboard box is a custom cardboard box. You can choose from an incredible range of box styles, from standard narrow box (RSC), to specialized packing boxes geared to specific purposes, such as fragile, perishable, or even custom-made for special occasions. Packaging companies that specialize in USA mail are able to produce your boxes in an incredible range of strengths, ensuring that whatever you require to ship, move, or store will stand the test of time and stress.


branding and marketing 

There are a few ways that custom cardboard boxes and USA mail are used in branding and marketing efforts. The most common is for promotional items. Any products that you sell, display, or distribute can benefit from printing on a cardboard box. Think of pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small items that can be branded with your logo or a catch phrase. These items will be highly recognizable to anyone you give them to, helping to increase brand awareness and boost sales. They’re a great way to promote your business without spending a lot of money or creating an overwhelming advertising scheme.


promotional or sample packs

Another way that USA mail and custom cardboard boxes are used in branding efforts is for promotional or sample packs. These are great for any type of product, whether it’s food clothing, books, or even equipment, because they are so convenient. Packaging boxes printed with your logo or company name to help keep products separate from each other, and helps customers feel appreciated. This increased customer satisfaction is sure to leave a good impression on future customers. It’s one of the least costly and most effective ways to advertise.


stationery and CD/DVD cases

Boxes and packaging materials aren’t just for retail items anymore either. You can find them printed onto anything that you want to market or promote, including stationery and CD/DVD cases. Graphic designers use graphic design software to design decals for custom box and graphic designer labels for almost any item you can imagine. The next time you want to print out some free business cards or custom packaging boxes, consider having your logo or company name professionally printed on them.


products noticed by potential customers

Many companies today are turning to this type of printing to get their products noticed by potential customers. There are many advantages to printing on packaging boxes. First of all, they are extremely durable, long lasting, and low maintenance. They don’t crack, peel, tear, warp, or become weak in the rain like traditional rigid boxes and packaging materials do. This makes them ideal for places that receive heavy amounts of traffic, as well as places that have to withstand varying temperatures.


help promote a business 

Another advantage to using custom cardboard boxes and printed shipping boxes are to help promote a business with a limited marketing budget. Many businesses only purchase small quantities of large quantities of stock at a time, but when it comes to printing these boxes they can be used over again. The cost of having them printed on high quality, thick cardboard with an attractive label attached is extremely cost effective, and if you order in large quantities you can even sell them to friends and family for a large profit. You will soon see how these small purchases will add up to big profits over the course of a year or more.


company logo directly onto your custom boxes 

Many box and product specifications firms will also offer to print your company logo directly onto your custom boxes and packaging boxes for a small additional fee. You can even request your logo is embossed or engraved on a custom box. This is an excellent way to advertise your brand because everyone knows that custom packaging boxes signify quality and a professional image. If your logo is nice enough, it will even have a chance of being seen by someone searching the Internet for the product specifications of your company.



With so many benefits offered by custom cardboard corrugated shipping boxes and products, it seems like a wonder any business wouldn’t consider them when purchasing supplies. You should definitely begin looking into corrugated boxes today, and you might be surprised at just how quickly you can increase your company’s brand awareness and profits. Every dollar you spend on corrugated boxes is one more dollar your customer can spend on your product, increasing your overall customer satisfaction and making your customers loyal customers for life.

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