Anime Outperforms Cartoons In 5 Key Reasons

Anime Outperforms Cartoons In 5 Key Reasons

Anime has become a form and medium of entertainment that entailed to be a world with limitless imaginations. When your imagination & creativity think to stop that’s where the world of anime unfolds. This form of entertainment is quickly becoming popular compared to superhero or vigilante-based franchises like Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. Maximum otaku fans like this content because of its elegant colorful graphics, and unique & powerful storyline.

Many claims that animatronics is rubbish & is not worth it to watch such content. This article pinpoints the top 5 reasons why Anime is better than cartoons. Let’s find out.

Here Are Some Reasons, Why Animes Are Better than Cartoons?

  1. Anime Has Line Up of Interesting Characters-

Anime fans brag about how vibrant & unique these characters tend to be. Many animators & people work on storyboarding they develop their characters into more diverse & zestful personalities. Even though these characters do not seem real.

  1. Most Characters are Cursed with Flaws Like Death & Despair-

This is the prime reason why people are so much into Anime. The artists who develop these characters are insanely able to relate to them. Sometimes these artists bring out these characters in real life after getting inspired by their own life. This also frames a contrast between what’s real & what’s imaginary. 

However, these animators go beyond their limits to make these comic strips more creative. In order to make their plot more alluring they make their characters vulnerable making them not immune to death.

  1. Many Audiences Can Relate to These Characters

As most of these anime characters are created from real-life experiences. Resulting in related to these amusing characters, their decision-making & their motives in life. When you are consuming animated cartoons you obviously have this predicament that you do not relate to the storyline since you focus on the character’s personality, philosophies, & agenda in life. 

While animatronics fans find that their instantiated characters have been struggling with the same situation as them. At that moment they instantly get attached to them.

  1. Anime Characters & their Plot are Unpredictable

Anime is not like usual movies or web series. Once you get hooked on this world of Anime you don’t feel like you’re not in the real world anymore. Anime is a place full of unique characters its twist & turns can keep your head rolling for some time. 

Have you ever come across a world full of Ninjas working hard to graduate to become acclaimed ninjas? Yes, I was referring to Naruto, & his story started from isolation, loneliness & trauma.

  1. Anime can allow you to learn Japanese

Anime shows not only help you enjoy due to its unpredictable & uncertain plot while building a sense of mystery. In contrast to many viewers, Japanese cartoon shows don’t follow a typical method of building a plot. 

Many anime fans have claimed some show follows a particular pattern of predictability due to the unusual nature of the genre. At the same time, each manga is infused with elegant folklore, myths, and superstitions, & impacting perspectives of global culture.

It’s Super easy to Binge anywhere at any place:

We know that feeling when you start watching Anime & can’t predict anything that’s gonna happen next. The audience makes themselves entangled binge watching the episodes. Still waiting in cue awaiting for next season. Well, you don’t have to wait anymore since we’ve listed a couple of websites where you can binge-watch your favorite Anime movies & shows:


  1. CBR
  2. Kissanime
  3. Gogonime
  4. 9anime
  5. AnimixPlay
  6. Crunchyroll 
  7. Animaedao 
  8. Hulu
  9. Omgflix
  10. Animae-planet
  11. Amazon Prime 
  12. Funimation  


I hope at the end of this article you might have got some idea why people prefer watching manga over cartoons. The above article not only encompasses why people love watching Anime. But it also gives an overview of the reasons why Anime is better than cartoons.

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