A Tale of Two Coasts: Beaches in San Francisco and Lisbon

With Memorial Day approaching, now is an opportunity to get out to experience some good outdated California beauty. All of these beaches are within a three-hour journey of San Francisco, which is the optimal amount of time before the journey becomes too long. In reality, many of these treasures can be less than an hour away for individuals who want a shorter vacation! Go have some fun now.

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Crown Memorial Beach 

Crown Memorial Beach, is across the Bay on the peaceful island of Alameda. And had various spas, rides, and attractions and was the “Coney Island of the West” before WWII.  This tropical beach near San Francisco has 2.5 miles of sand that is gardens and picnic tables, barbecue pits, and a lawn area with a bike route. The water at the beach is warm, and swimming is all year, but no lifeguards are on duty.

China Beach

China Beach is named after the Chinese fishermen who camped there during the Gold Rush. He is a local favourite and has a fantastic warm beach in San Francisco – at least during the day!  Because of the beach’s location, it is cooler in the mornings and afternoons, so go throughout the day after the fog from the Pacific Ocean has burned off.

Baker Beach

Baker Beach, once known as a nudist beach and the site of a fatal shark attack has developed into one of the most popular, warm beaches near San Francisco. Baker Beach has something for everyone. From 1986 to 1990, the beach hosted the original Burning Man festival before it relocated to Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Locals enjoy a nice beach day in San Francisco on the western end, near facilities and an abundant parking lot.

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For each visitor, Lisbon’s antique calçada-coated alleys, vintage yellow trams. And fairy-tale castles promise a plethora of postcard-worthy panoramas. But, the beaches in and around Lisbon are worth more than a quick visit. Skip the handkerchief-sized sandbank near Ribeira das Naus in the city centre and follow the Tagus River. Towards the Atlantic if you prefer swaths of golden sand, near paradisiacal lush bays, or dramatic surf-break beaches.

Praia de Galápos

One of Portugal’s nicest beaches is less than an hour from downtown Lisbon. It is away in the restricted forested enclave of Parque Natural da Arrábida on the Setbal peninsula. This stretch of shoreline is a few of Portugal’s famous beaches, among them the most spectacular of which is Praia de Galápos. The rising green hills all around the bay create a wonderful impression of the natural paradise at Praia de Galápos.

Costa da Caparica

Almada, the city across the Tagus River from Lisbon, is well known for its towering Christ monument that looks down on the capital. It also has some of the greatest beaches in Lisbon. The nearest beach on the seashore, Praia da Cova do Vapour, is a short drive over the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge or a ferry ride from Cais do Sodré. The greatest beaches on the peninsula, but, are further into the Costa da Caparica proper.

Praia do Guincho

The raw energy of Praia do Guincho, is only three kilometres beyond the well-heeled borough of Cascais. Stands in stark contrast to the luxurious hotels and restaurants of the ancient town. Cascais is one of the best places in the country to enjoy the beaches near Lisbon. The pounding Atlantic waves along this section of the Estoril coast have rendered this beach a popular location for windsurfing and surf championship contests.

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