7 Easy Steps to Moving a Hot Tub

After a long day, is there anything more relaxing than getting into a hot, bubbling jacuzzi? Few homes take for granted the privilege of relaxing in a hot tub. For this reason, many homeowners who are moving frequently bring their jacuzzi with them to their new residence.

Discover how to transfer a hot tub by paying attention to the experienced movers’ advice. To help you unwind in your new house, this tutorial describes how to transfer a hot tub in the best way possible.

Assemble the Proper Hot Tub Moving Equipment

Even though they might increase a home’s value, many homeowners prefer to include a jacuzzi in their new house.  

The following tools are required for a successful hot tub transfer, regardless of whether you choose to work with professional movers or do it yourself. Moving truck, Safety straps, plywood pieces, and furniture dollies.

Obtain Supplies With Sufficient Assistance

Getting moving supplies that can hold the weight of the hot tub is the key to successfully transporting it. What is the exact weight of a hot tub? Empty hot tubs typically weigh 500–1,000 pounds, but when filled with water, they may weigh up to 8,000 pounds. If you’re moving a spa by yourself, you’ll need dollies strong enough to hold the weight of the empty hot tub. Expert hot tub relocation firms have powerful machinery that can handle big objects like jacuzzis.

Find the Most Effective Hot Tub Moving Method

Determining the best way to relocate a hot tub frequently relies on the environment. Is there a solarium attached to your on-site spa? Is it going to need to be moved off your deck and into your landscaping? Before proceeding to the next stage of transferring a hot tub, take a moment to survey your surroundings. While some paths require careful preparation, others are perfect for getting the tub to the moving truck.  

Unplug and Empty the Hot Tub

After reading the hot tub relocation advice, empty the water storage area of the jacuzzi of all water and unplug it. If you are using a moving company, do this step in advance so you can take care of last-minute packing and the team can focus on transporting heavy goods.

Flooring Under the Jacuzzi

The next stage in moving a hot tub independently is to raise the empty tub high enough to place a plywood plank underneath it. You’ll need to do some heavy lifting for this, so find three or more strong people who are prepared to assist. To make the tub slightly elevated and prepared for the following phase, use planks measuring approximately four inches in height.

Dollies Beneath the Hot Tub

Any expert mover worth their salt will tell you that furniture dollies are an essential component of the process when it comes to hot tub moving. Move the two furniture dollies under the jacuzzi surface.

Put Tub in The Moving Truck

The ability to relocate a hot tub independently doesn’t end at the moving truck. It will be necessary for you to secure the jacuzzi inside the truck and push the dollies up the ramp. The spa should be loaded into the vehicle before any other large things or little moving boxes since it will take up a lot of space.

To make it easier for you to empty the tub when you get to your new house, leave the dollies where they are. To stop the tub from rolling around while being transported, fasten it to the moving truck’s sidewalls.  

Empty the Tub And Install It

When transporting a hot tub, the last step is to get it to your new house and set up the jacuzzi there. To ensure the tub stays in place, carefully remove the plywood planks and dollies before rolling it to its new location. Before you connect the cables and add water, give it a thorough cleaning.

Final Words

You can simply get ready for your impending move and make plans to bring your soothing spa with you now that you know how to transfer a hot tub. Move your jacuzzi to your new house with the aid of friends and a variety of moving tools by following these hot tub moving instructions.

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