Тourist and Camping Tents

Experienced travelers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts opt for reliable, well-established brands that won’t let them down in extreme situations. The right equipment is undoubtedly valuable, but for beginners, a more budget-friendly option might be sufficient. Professional gear might be necessary later, but by that time, individuals will have a better understanding of their personal preferences and needs.

So, you’ve decided to buy a camping tent. Often, an expensive, high-quality, and reliable model might not demonstrate all its advantages over a more economical one, given the intended use. However, sometimes, the cost of being overly frugal could result in a spoiled vacation at the very least.

Let’s try to break it down. For each model of a camping tent, the capacity is specified. However, two-person tents might be more suitable for one person, and three-person tents might be ideal for two. Therefore, after reading the appropriate label, it’s better to inspect the tent when it’s set up, both from the outside and the inside, to visually assess the space. Taller individuals should ensure that the specified dimensions allow for comfortable accommodation.

Experienced campers recommend a floor waterproofing rating of 10,000 mm and a tent rating of 5,000 mm. For short trips in the temperate zone, a tent waterproofing rating of 2,000 mm is usually sufficient. If it’s lower, there’s a risk that everything inside might get wet during heavy rain.

Consider the size of the vestibule. When there’s no vestibule or it’s too small, there won’t be enough room for gear. This isn’t a problem if there’s space inside the tent for belongings. Otherwise, you might need to cover them with plastic. For those traveling on motorcycles, a very large and spacious vestibule is particularly useful as it can protect both belongings and the motorcycle from rain.

Buying a camping tent. Camping tents for hunters, fishermen, and tourists.

Well-known brands that produce quality camping gear are expensive but indispensable for serious autonomous trips where the risk of equipment failure is unacceptable. For weekend getaways, simpler gear is also suitable. By reviewing reviews, it’s easy to find an affordable option that will suit beginners and provide good value.

Types of Tents:

Before you start shopping for a tent, it’s crucial to understand the different types available. Here are some common categories:

a. Backpacking Tents: These lightweight and compact tents are designed for hikers and backpackers who need to carry their shelter with them. They prioritize portability and are ideal for solo or small-group trips.

b. Family Tents: If you’re camping with a group or family, these spacious tents offer ample room for multiple people and often include separate sleeping compartments and a common area.

c. Dome Tents: Dome-shaped tents are known for their stability and ease of setup. They are suitable for various outdoor activities and come in various sizes.

d. Cabin Tents: These tents are more akin to portable cabins, offering plenty of headroom and often featuring multiple rooms. They are great for comfort-oriented campers.

e. Pop-Up Tents: If you value quick setup, pop-up tents can be pitched in a matter of seconds. They are convenient for weekend getaways or festivals.

People who enjoy picnicking by car don’t pay much attention to weight and dimensions, preferring maximum comfort. Large spacious camping tents that allow for standing upright, setting up camping furniture, and enjoying relaxation are the best choice in this case.

In hiking, lightness and compactness are essential. Is it worth saving on a trekking tent when you can afford a more expensive and better-quality one? If you plan to backpack, and the price difference essentially means a significant difference in weight, then saving is definitely not appropriate. Extra kilograms will remind you of their presence during long hikes.

When traveling with a vehicle, this problem doesn’t exist. The tougher the route, the higher the demands on all equipment.

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